Top 10 Most Expensive Garden Plants

Hi, Guys welcome back to our succulent Plants blog. Today we’re going to discuss the top ten most expensive plants that I’ve ever seen. Really, really…! Expensive as in the price really shocked me. So let’s see what are these plants that I’m talking about. Let’s get started!

NO.10. Rubber Tree

Rubber Plants
Rubber Plants

The rubber tree is one of the most expensive plants that I’ve ever seen. It called a rubber tree because it is used to make rubbers or tires. Did you know that India is the World’s largest producer of rubber trees?

Maybe that’s why Indians are well-off, who wouldn’t when you’re the supplier of tires around the world. Rubber tree has lots of kinds. There’s Robusta, Decora, Ficus Burgundy Rubber Plant, Abidjan, Ficus Microcarpa, Ficus Carica, Ficus Benghalensis, Benjamina Ficus (Fig Tree).

I almost ran out of breath. Oh! Plus the Variegated Rubber Tree… Did you know that the oldest and largest Rubber Tree in the whole world can be found in Buenas Aires, Argentina? As of now, the amount of Rubber Tree that I saw…

That’s why I made it my Top #10 is 2,500 Php (51.47 United States Dollar), 10 CM, this is just for a small tree. For a tree this big, I think this one’s already priceless. eTech Guide

No. 9. Variegated Monstera Deliciosa plant

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Plants
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Plants

Variegation is when the chlorophyll undergoes a mutation with the plant’s green pigmentation. This is called Chimera Variegation.

The result when the tissue with chlorophyll and tissue without chlorophyll. Maybe that’s why this Monstera Variegated is really, really expensive. Because it’s really difficult to explain. Really though! Just G.M.T to know more.

After all, this Monstera can only be seen in this open backyards. I saw there were a lot of Monstera around but they said that these are called Monstera Dragon Tail.

I don’t know. But all I can say it that, Monstera is really expensive. The cheapest Monstera I saw was heaping 6,000 Php (123.52 United States Dollar). It could already pay my house rent.

No. 8. Golden Cardboard Jenmanii Plants or King of Kings Plant

Golden Cardboard Jenmanii Plants / King of Kings
No. 8. Golden Cardboard Jenmanii Plants or King of Kings

Golden Cardboard is a type of Anthurium. This is ultra rare that can be found in the Philippines, like Cebu. It can commonly be seen in Mindanao especially in Bukidnon and South Cotabato.

Where the breeders of this species reside. But there are also breeders in Bulacan and Laguna. There are people saying that “it is not easy to propagate a Jenmanii” it actually is really hard, they said. That’s why only a few were able to maintain it.

Maybe that’s why it’s really really expensive. As in notoriously expensive! Because it is difficult to propagate and of course, to breed.

Its worth could be really expensive. Just for a small plant, it is worth and the price starts at 8,000 Php (164.69 United States Dollar), and the biggest one I saw was priced 45000 Php (926.39 United States Dollar). Wow!

No. 7. Cycad Plants

Cycad Plants
Cycad Plants

Cycad is a Cone-Bearing Plant. That grows on sand and rocks. The most popular type of Cycad is Sago Palm. It grows rather slowly but, it has a long lifespan.

Actually, there are referred to as Living Fossil. Because even during the Dinosaur Age, they already exist. They are often confused as Palmera but, they are not flowering plants. They do not produce flowers or fruits. It is more closely related to Pine Tree.

Cycad is closely related to Pinetree. There are about 300 known species of Cycad and there are still new discoveries here and there. But right now, the reason why they are expensive?

Is Cycads are coming to an extinction? Small Cycads’ worth starts at about 10,000 Php (205.86 United States Dollar) and the most expensive one yet is 50,000 Php (1029.32 United States Dollar). Yes…!

No. 6. Begonia Maculata Plant or Polkadot Begonia Plants

Begonia Maculata or Polkadot Begonia Plants
Begonia Maculata or Polkadot Begonia Plants

Begonia Maculata is known as Polkadot Begonia. The word Begonia comes from the name of an amateur French Botanist named Michael Begon.

This plant can be found in Brazil. Because of its unique look, for its long leaves, it also has white polka dots and red behind and it also grows out white, beautiful flowers.

Begonia Maculata or Polkadot Begonia Plants
Begonia Maculata or Polkadot Begonia Plants

Yes! No doubts that this Begonia Maculata is one of the most rare and expensive plants I’ve ever seen. Did you know that the small Begonia Maculata…! I asked for price… My gosh! I almost dropped everything I was holding.

Think about it, The cheapest is about 8,000 Php (164.69 United States Dollar) and the biggest one there was about 65,000 Php (1338.12 United States Dollar). I don’t know if the store was just overpricing…!

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No. 5. White Poplar Plants

White Poplar Plants
White Poplar Plants

White Poplar is native from Central and Southern Europe, Morocco, and the Iberian Peninsula. It has also been naturalized in United Kingdom (UK).

It is a Dioecious which means that the male and female flowers are separated into another separated tree. It is said by the Ancient Greek Mythology that the White Poplar was offered to Hercules after he defeated the giant, Caucus.

White Poplar Plants
White Poplar Plants

It is said that the White Poplar bark contains Astringent, antiseptic, and Anti-Inflammatory Properties. There were only a few people who produce White Poplar in the Philippines. That’s why for a 5ft. tall tree, it is worth at about heaping 50,000 Php (1029.32 United States Dollar). Well, you can still have it but you’d have to go to the UK.

No. 4. Powder Puff Capri Plants

Powder Puff Capri Plants
Powder Puff Capri Plants

Powder Puff Capri grows out flowers in colors, red, pink, white blossom. That’s like a fluffy powder puffs. Just by the sound of it, it’s like it will feel good to hold and squish it. Red is the most common color of its flowers.

It is also the favorite flower of butterflies, and hummingbirds, and also, even honeybees. Dwarf Powder Puffs can grow to up to 4-6 ft. and if not Dwarf, it could grow from 10 to 15 ft. in height. Oh! Would you still want to have this?

Powder Puff Tree’s worth is about 65,000 Php (1338.12 United States Dollar). Can you still handle it? Do you still have the budget? Let’s see the no. 3.

No. 3. Cornus Controversa Plant / African Talisay Tree Plant

Cornus Controversa or African Talisay Tree
Cornus Controversa or African Talisay Tree

In the Philippines, it is known as African Talisay Tree or it is also known as “Wedding Cake”. It is called ‘Wedding Cake’ because of its appearance as you can see, it looks like a wedding cake that has layers.

On its layers, instead of icing, you’ll see tiny white leaves. This tree is really graceful. It could grow from 35 to 40 ft. It could grow from 35 to 40 ft. This tree is just the winner of a prestigious award of the Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Cornus Controversa or African Talisay Tree
Cornus Controversa or African Talisay Tree

Because this tree is really… Beautiful, it’s like you’re in the garden of Eden. This tree is worth a heaping… Guess! Yes, you are right. Just the small size of this tree is worth about 150,000 Php (3087.97 United States Dollar).

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No. 2. Variegated Yucca Plants

Variegated Yucca Plants
Variegated Yucca Plants

The Yucca plant is native from the high desert of Southwestern of the United States and Mexico. Its roots extract is used as an Alternative Medicine, used as a soap or shampoo, or used as a Herbal Dietary Supplements.

Yucca also belongs to LIiLicae Family or Vegetable Family. It is believed that using Yucca shampoo or Yucca soap is good for Dandruff and for Hair loss. It is also said and believed that Yucca tea is good for Asthma, and also good for headaches.

Yucca is also good for Arthritis or Joint Pains. To be honest, I can’t imagine why this plant is really expensive! Half a million. Yes, you heard it right half a million or 500,000 Php (10293.23 United States Dollar) for a Yucca Plant. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Are you ready for the Number 1?

No. 1. BG Regale Plants

BG Regale Plants
BG Regale Plants

BG Regale came from the one invented it named Mr. Ganigan or Boyet Ganigan “BG”. That’s why it was called BG. Sir BG is known for propagating Hybrid Plants.

Did you know that this plant was 10 years in the making? This went through a Modulation Breeding. According to him, this plant was exposed to Radiation and Chemicals. All the way from Africa.

And how much it is? Hey! Let’s let Sir Clavio announce it. Because this plant is worth up to 1.8 million Php (37055.61 United States Dollar). There? So amazing, isn’t it?

Those plants are really beautiful but super expensive. But no worries guys, Law of Attraction! We’ll also be able to buy those types of plants one day…! Just think about it and we’ll attract it…

BG Regale Plants
BG Regale Plants

Right! So it’s better for plants like that, put it on your dream board, include it on your dream board because if you were able to buy a beautiful plant like that. It only means one thing, you’re already well-off. There, thank you so, so much for anticipating our journey today.

Credits to: Graciella Plantita

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