Jasmine Plant and Betel Leaf Plant Growth and Advance Care

Jasmine Plant Care and flower blooming

I have two indoor Jasmine plants, they give flowers for the whole season means the whole year. Jasmine Plants gave flowers for a minimum of five times. But for this, you have to do some work on the jasmine plants.

Indoor Jasmine Plant Care
Indoor Jasmine Plant Care

Today I am going to tell you about those works. What you have to do, to get flowers for 5 times from one Jasmine plant in one season. Jasmine Plant will give flowers to the monsoon. In the monsoon also before this, they gave flowers for two times.

We have to start its care, from when the buds are started to coming out. For the whole year, I keep these Jasmine plants in one place I mean both plants together. I have used liquid organic fertilizers for some time and water daily.

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Now when season will come the Jasmine plants will start to bloom. From then onwards we have to start our work. They will give flowers for two-three times. This means the number of flowers will increase with time.

They gave many flowers last year also and for a long time. After the flowers are gone, then we have to do some works on the plants. That, I will tell you in a moment. How they have come in this state. What fertilizers I have used here?

Indoor Jasmine Plant Care and flower blooming
Indoor Jasmine Plant Care and flower blooming tips

Remember one thing, that to get more flowers in any flower plant. We have to use N.P.K chemical fertilizers in a small quantity but limited. For a small-sized plant pot, we have to use one tea-spoon quantity N.P.K per plant.

Before they starting blooming as N.P.K I use 10-26-26 most of the time otherwise 19-19-19 or 20-20-20. You can use any of them. Many people don’t want to use any chemical fertilizers. In that case, you can use liquid organic fertilizers.

I will also share with you, how to make and use organic fertilizer. You will see this article on my blog soon. I will give you tips on how to make a new kind of liquid organic fertilizer. Which will be very easy at home with kitchen waste.

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Organic fertilizer is very good food for the plants. I’ll post very soon how to use organic fertilizer etc. You can use that kind of fertilizer here because in that fertilizer the quantity of nitrogen will be very high. And all plants need nitrogen.

All new buds come out after the pruning for this plant. We have to give some food to the plants, that can help the buds to come out fast. On one side if we use nitrogen sufficiently then one on the other side we have to use potassium also which works as a growth regulator. That’s why we have to use N.P.K. Now see what work I have done before this.

I have cleaned the weeds from the root-soil and then added 1 tea-spoon N.P.K per plant. And with that, I have used homemade compost, 500 grams for each plant. Because when I am going to use chemical fertilizers with that, I have to use an organic fertilizer also as a permanent food.

Indoor Jasmine Plant Care
Indoor Jasmine Plant Care and Flower Blooming

If I use any liquid organic fertilizer, in that case, I don’t have to use any dust organic fertilizers. Now see, what works I have done to get buds and flowers like this. See you soon on my next informative blog post about succulents care.

Betel Leaf Plant Growth and Advance Care

Betel Leaf Plants required attention if you will neglect the growth of Betel leaf plant will degrade. So we will try to improve their growth by taking care of these plants. Here the fertilizer I am using is cow dung. Instead of these, you can use any compost or vermicompost fertilizer.

betel leaf plant care
Betel Leaf Plant Care

Mix the fertilizer with the soil and also cutting out excess creeper out of these plants. After some days you can see the growth of this creeping plants is increased. Separate this betel leaf plant roots from bricks but can’t keep betel leaf plant so messy.

We all seen in this bête leaf plant cultivation that farmers are growing these plants upwards spinning this betel plant on a narrow stick. Or grow this betel leaf plant upward with the help of narrow rope.

Betel Leaf Plant Care
Betel Leaf Plant Care

Here for this work use jute rope, instead of any nylon rope. After spinning these creepers on jute rope, cut off the excess creepers of betel plant.

After some days later, now you can see the creepers have been set on this rope. Now we have to spin the creepers on the rope time to time and cut off the side creepers. Mustered cake is a very nutritious fertilizer for the betel leaf plants.

Betel Leaf Plant Care
Betel Leaf Plant Care

We have to give this fertilizer on the roots of betel leaf plants at a 20 days interval. Then the growth of betel leaf plants will be the same.

For water irrigation, use the drip irrigation system on the betel leaf plant roots. After a few more days later you can see the growth of this betel leaf plant is improved more than before.

If you feel this article helpful please leave a comment on the bottom of the post. And ask any question about any succulent plants, care, watering, fertilizer, and soil.

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