How to propagate Snake Plant & ZZ Plant 3 Easy Steps

Water propagation of Snake Plant:

Hi Guys! Welcome back on my Succulents blog… Today I’m going to share the water propagation of the Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata) and ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) Also call as Zanzibar Gem.

snake plant and zz plant propagation

The first step is leaf selection choose a healthy leaf and not the one that is wrinkling and saggy. I just used my hands to cut them off but you may use either a scissor or knife.

Trim the cut ends using a sharp scissor or knife. This will stimulate the roots to grow from the cut ends faster. Cut some leaf half next is to let this juicy wounds dry overnight or even just for a couple of hours so long all the wounds have dried up.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-1

This step is important to prevent rotting. Insert the bottom part of the leaf-cutting in the container. The water should just be enough to cover the cut ends.

The next step is to change the water of the container every week. It is also the best time to check on your cutting one by one to see if there’s something rotting or something slimy and if feel something slimy from the cuttings you should wash it in the water until it’s gone.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-2

If you find something rotting you should cut off the rotted part of the leaf and let it dry overnight. I separated the cuttings that already rooted from the white roots they all turned orange.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-3

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Succulent Plants

After two weeks the roots grow longer but no sign of new roots yet. After two weeks more new roots started to appear the other cuttings have rooted as well.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-4

Some cuttings have multiple baby snake plants with them. Keep them all in water until this plants grow and continue changing the water every week. After 45 days progress of cuttings starts.

ZZ Plant and Snake Plant Water Propagation:

When we say propagation this is the process of multiplying or creating new plants. So we can have many more new plants instead of one plant. You can own two or more new plants when you propagate them.

There are many ways to propagate the plant depending on its kind. There are plants that can be propagated by cuttings like the stem part and the leaf part and also by division. We could also propagate plants by seeds by marketing and by grafting too.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-5

There are more methods of propagation from different countries around the world. In my updates, I have my ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) Zanzibar Gem, bulbs, or tubers propagated by stem and rachis oranges cuttings.

From a Snake plant by leaf-cutting only and both cuttings were rooted in water. So before I turn you to my updates. Let’s read more important details that I did last year when I propagated my ZZ plant ZZ plant, (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) Zanzibar Gem, and snake plant.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-6

After cutting my ZZ plant into different parts. I let the cutting dry overnight. The next step was to put them in the container with water to grow roots. The water temperature in the container must be around 23 to 25 degrees Celsius.

On the first week of the cuttings in the water, I check from time to time the bottom of the cuttings and see if there’s any rotting tissue seen. Then I remove them. Then I air dry the cuttings again for some hours.

snake plant and zz plant propagation-7

Before I put them back in their container with water I only do this once in the first week of the cuttings in the water. After four to five weeks in the water all cuttings rooted this much but no tubers or bulbs yet.

My Sansevieria propagation by water method after the leaf selection. I trimmed the rough edges of the cuttings and then cut the other leaves in half. Then let all the juicy wound colors for some days next I put the cuttings in the container with water.

The water tempraature must be around 23 to 25 degrees Celsius every time I change the water in the container. I always check the bottom of the cuttings to see if there’s something rotting. Then I rub gently with my finger the part that feels slimy.

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In the second week, the small white rooting was grown at the bottom of the leaves. On fourth week roots changed its color and grew longer.

On the sixth week of the cuttings in water tiny pups were growing to most of the cuttings. While the other cuttings have just started to grow roots. I just continued to change the water on the container of my cuttings every week.

It is an exciting experience for me when I did this water propagation because I could visually see all the roots and the progress that is happening to my plants.

If you like this method of Snake Plant propagation then please leave a comment at the bottom. And also share your houseplants, Succulents, Indoor plants, succulent plants, garden plants, bedroom plants favorite pictures in the comments section. Thanks

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