Haworthia Succulent Care Propagation 2 Easy Tips

How Haworthia Plant Leaf Propagation Is Possible?

Succulents Care and Propagation Tips for Beginners:

Let’s start! There is a proper way to take a leaf of Haworthia succulent plant or Cymbiformis var Obtusa. How to take 3 leaves of Haworthia succulent properly. First, remove the side of the leaf with a knife then slowly peel it off sidewards.

Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation
Haworthia Succulent

There are times that we need to slice both ends. In order to make a clean cut, be careful to make a clean cut without any wound at the bottom of the leaf. Let’s take another leaf, slice the side and then peel it off slowly as shown in the picture.

Haworthia Succulent Plants Leaf Cutting
Haworthia Leaf Cutting for Propagation

We need to redo the same process three-times, slice the side, and then peel it off sidewards slowly. Take three leaves of Haworthia succulent plant without any wound. If you will not take a leaf with a clean-cut, and there’s a wound, so this will not be successful for leaf propagation.

Haworthia Succulent Leaf Cutting for Propagation
Haworthia Succulent Leaf Cutting without wounds
Haworthia Succulent Plants leaf cutting tips
Haworthia Succulent Plants Bad Leaf cutting with wounds

Next step, let’s repot the mother plant of the Haworthia succulent plant. Now, let’s pot the leaves just make sure that the soil is totally dry. Because we need to heal the wounds for about a week. After one week, we can start watering.

After 8 weeks, let’s see if there’s any progress. If you don’t see any progress, no roots either then wait a little longer. After another ten weeks or eighteen weeks from start, these leaves have a root growth. So we have progress right now. We have seen progress to propagate the Haworthia succulent plant on the 18th week.

Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation
Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation

Take a closer look at the roots. Now, let’s repot and continue the experiment. If after months of waiting there is still no growth, just roots, but after 9 months and 3 weeks to be expected from Haworthia succulent plant leaf propagation.

Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation
Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation Tips For Beginners

You can see in the picture there is visible growth now. But some leaf maybe don’t have any visible growth. Let’s have a closer look, remove the Haworthia succulent plant from the pot one by one. So you see what’s really happening inside.

Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation
Haworthia Propagation
Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation
Haworthia Propagation

If in any one Haworthia succulent plant leaf still don’t have any visible growth, but actually there is a very small shoot underneath. Let’s wash it so you can see clearly.

Haworthia Succulent Plants Care and Propagation
Haworthia Care and Propagation final picture

How To Care For Haworthia succulent Plant or Cymbiformis var Obtusa

Succulent Plants

Haworthia cymbiformis var Obtusa is one of the cutest looking succulent plants. That form around clumps of fleshy rosettes. They have transparent window lines. Where light can penetrate more.

In the wild, they are buried under showing only the top part of the plant. The window lines are useful in that situation to get the required light even if it’s covered with dirt. If we are to mimic its natural environment they love partial sun.

Remember they are buried under stones only showing the top part of the leaves. So, the Haworthia succulent plant actually gets partial sun exposure. Haworthia loves partial sun this means half-day of sun exposure.

Preferably a morning sunlight and half-day in a bright shaded area. Haworthia succulent plants will also grow great in bright shaded areas throughout the day.

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When to Water Haworthia Succulent Plant

Now let’s talk about the watering requirement of Haworthia. The beautiful succulent plant Haworthia love water that will just pass by them. We have the weather to consider, in my experience, I’m not talking about a general watering style but this is what works for me.

Haworthia Care
Indoor Care and Propagation

During the time when the sun does not show often I only mist them, misting only the top part of the soil. This way of mist will evaporate faster. Even if the sun won’t show I also misted my succulents under a clear roof during rainy and cold seasons with intervals.

Sometimes I misted once a week, sometimes once in 10 days. It depends when I see that the leaves get thinner, I misted again. During the rainy season, it is a good idea, to provide a roof. A transparent roof is ideal for most succulent plants.

So indoor plants don’t get wet, if they get wet successively indoor plants will rot in no time. Another alternative is to put them indoors under a grow light.

During hot summer, this is a time to water houseplants, full water them until the water drips down the bottom of the pothole. This will give houseplants enough time to absorb the water.

During the heat of the sun, these stone toppings are optional and could be any inorganic pee balls. This will help retain the moisture longer, before the sun dries the soil, and gave your succulent plants more time to sip the water. This is useful if you are using loose soil another thing is, it makes your houseplant look prettier.

Haworthia Care
Haworthia Care

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How to Propagate Haworthia succulent plant

Let’s see the other way of Haworthia Propagation. Haworthia Propagation by offset is the other way to go for the Haworthia propagation. When Haworthia grow big plant produce pups around them. I usually wait for pups to grow bigger like the size of a penny or bigger.

Before I segregate them, I leave it attached to the mother plant until they become bigger. You may call us it over for one or two days before patting. You may also pat them immediately after segregating as long as the soil you are using is totally dry. If you feel that, your soil is moist or cold. It’s better to air dry pups for one to two days.

Start misting after a week. Mist again when the soil is dry. After one month Haworhia will grow a good stable roots. Some might say that the soil I’m using is too rich and will cause the plant wrap. I’ve tried planting hawarthias in regular soil, and they all grow and thrive.

This is the catch if you are using loose soil like to mix with pumice, this will drains the water fast. So you can water them full always you can and also use rich soil where water drains a little slower. Just don’t water Haworthia plant fully, only mist the plant. It’s all about controlling how much water you gave them.

You can use any soil as long as you gave just the right amount of water with right intervals. Using a small pot also helps.

What do you think of our experiment about leaf propagation of the Haworthia succulent plant? Is it worth to wait for almost one year for leaf propagation of the Haworhia plant? Please comment on your answers below. And don’t forget to share the article on indoor plant propagation and succulents blog. Happy succulents gardening!

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