Croton Plant Care 5 Tips How to keep your succulents happy

Easy Tips of Croton Plant Care:

There are many different types and variegated croton plant varieties. Here I tell you briefly about croton plant care. Croton plant soil and, when to water a croton.

Croton plant is an indoor houseplant; It’s also called succulent or succulent plant. Croton is a tropical area plant, which like a warm, humid, and bright environment.

Succulents - Croton Plant Care
Succulents and Croton Plants Care

Croton Plant Care Tips:

Crotons can drop their leaves all of a sudden, due to a small change of the environment. It can be quite hard to care for them. I think that because a lot of people buying them from the nursery. I’ve had a few months ago. It’s been doing quite well.

So I thought I’d write an article, on how I’ve been caring for my succulent plants when I first bought. My Croton, I did research into how to care for them, but there weren’t that many written tips on them in search engines.

Succulents and Croton Plants Care
Succulents and Croton Plant Care

So seeing as mine croton has done quite well. I thought I’d share and show you how in looking after it. So the first thing is Crotons love a warm, humid, and bright environment. They’re native to Southeast Asia. Crotons don’t like the cold and crotons don’t like to be moved. So if you move croton from a warm room to a slightly cooler room. Crotons can drop their leaves.

I’ve even heard people, as soon as they get Croton plant from the garden, its leaves drop off. Because it’s gone into shock. My croton hasn’t done that at all. It doesn’t drop any leaves. So I’m quite surprised and quite pleased.

You can see my Croton (shown in the picture below), It’s quite big when I first got it. It was less than half in a size. So All these huge leaves on the top of all new. As time goes by they will get brighter in color.

Succulents and Croton Plants Care
Succulents and Croton Plant Care

When they first come out, they’re green and if croton plant is in the right environment and quite a bright spot. The leaves will gradually turn red-pink up or yellow. So they are slowly turning variegated.

Let me just check my notes, what they got on here, The temperature, Croton plants needs to be above 15 Celsius about 59 degrees Fahrenheit all-year-around. So if you live in a hot country. You’ll be fine putting the match regarding the summer or all year.

Depending on where you live but in the UK I wouldn’t personally put croton plant outside. Because in the night time the temperature drops quite a lot. So crotons are definitely wouldn’t be happy outside in the UK.

Succulents and Croton Plants Care
Succulents and Croton Plant Care

Croton plant likes humidity. So you can miss them I’ve gone through tips on, how to raise the humidity in the home, in a separate article on the succulent plants blog. But I am going to give you some tips here on “how to raise humidity in home for succulents”.

Misting with shower bottle is quite good. I always use filtered water when I misting my houseplants. I’m watering now in my kitchen in the east-facing window. It gets morning Sun and then It’s quite bright for most of the day.

So it seems really that spot and all the leaves have been turning breed. Which is really good. I’d say, oh yeah they can flower apparently. It’s quite rare If you’re keeping your croton plant inside. If you keep crotons outside in like a hot country, It might flower.

Mine hasn’t flowered but you never know maybe one day I might obviously. You can see the leaves of the croton plant, but it doesn’t need to flower. Does it? Because It’s so stunning. It’s getting a bit top-heavy now. I’m thinking it doesn’t grow too much more.

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Croton Plant Care with Soil

Croton plants like mix well-draining rich soil. So I’d recommend a mix of peat moss compost and a bit of perlite mixed in. Soil mix: 2 parts compost – 1 part peat moss + perlite. I repotted my succulent plants about maybe a month ago. Now my croton and other houseplants are really happy in its new soil.

When to water croton plant

I found with crotons that when they’re thirsty the leaves will droop. So you can know when the croton plant needs water to drink. I just keep the soil evenly moist. I don’t know if it is completely dry out. I just wait till the tops dry.

Then I watered my croton plant through the summer. I gave fertilizer to my succulent plants once in a month with baby bio which is just like a household fertilizer for houseplants. It’s been growing really well this summer.

I’m really intrigued to see how my croton plant is going to do over the winter here in the UK. Because obviously once the central heating’s on, the air becomes much drier. Humidity will drop but I’m going to try and keep the humidity up with misting.

I might even get a humidifier as well. Obviously in winter, you’re not going to be watering your croton as much as in the summer.

How much light required to Croton Plant?

The light requirements for crotons are bright. They like Sun apparently they require six to eight hours of sunshine every day, for the foliage to be really really bright. If crotons don’t get enough light, the foliage will become green.

So all the new growth will come up green and would not turn red or pink. It’ll just stay green and then the old leaves will drop. Then eventually I just end up with a green Croton plant. Which is not that exciting really.

Make sure your Crotons in a bright spot, make sure it’s away from dry and cold place. Warm and humid place happening, they’re quite easy to propagate but I haven’t tried that yet, if I do propagate croton plant, then I’ll write another article or blog post on my succulents blog.

Croton plants are toxic to pets and people. So keep Crotons well away from your pets and children. Make sure you don’t overwater your crotons because apparently they are prone to root rot. Just water succulent plants as and when throughout summer.

Succulents and Croton Plants Care
Succulents and Croton Plants Care

You can be watering crotons more throughout the winter not so much, but just keep an eye on crotons pot, if the soil is quite dry on the top. Just give it a little water. Make sure crotons not survive in winter or anything like that.

Another thing you can raise the humidity. Cut big top leaves off it seems as the croton plant grows the leaves get bigger and bigger. Which makes me think it’s gonna be really top-heavy and thick. If croton gets any bigger, It’s already kind of leaning over a little bit.

To check the humidity levels for crotons in your home you can use a hydrometer. I got my hydrometer from Amazon. It’s been brilliant, so I highly recommend it. Humidity in my house is around 60%. Which is quite good.

It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like in winter. I will let you know how it goes in the UK. Yeah just thought I’d show you that because I had people ask me about it. So there I’ll keep you updated as to how my Croton is doing throughout the winter here in the UK. They can be extremely fussy. So I’m really hoping the leaves don’t all fall off. That would be quite sad.

I am not a plant expert by the way, but I just seem to very lucky with succulent plants which are very nice. I’ve just learned so much over the last kind of six months about tropical succulent plants. So I really wanted to just share my passion with everybody on tropical houseplants and succulents.

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Just the houseplants and succulents care tips that I use which I have success with. Obviously, I’ll update you all throughout the year on how the succulent plants are doing. I will update you frequently about croton plant care, succulents care, and propagation of my indoor houseplants.

If you’ve any idea or question about succulents and houseplants that can I do. Just drop me a comment below. I do work full time so I’ll try my best to get at least one article on houseplants once a week. At some points in the future maybe I’ll be able to write more. I really hope will enjoy this blog and I really appreciate all the lovely comments and your succulents pictures.

A big thanks to all my new visitors on my I never thought I would have so many visitors to my blog in such a short amount of time. So thanks ever so much for visiting my blog.

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