Succulent Gardens

Top 10 best plant selection for succulent gardens. A very much planned nursery fuses components of various statures. This gives visual structure and attracts the eye to central focuses on the scene. Given that most succulents are low-lying, it tends to be hard to accomplish a decent look with succulents alone. But, relatively few plants … Read more

Haworthia Succulent Care Propagation 2 Easy Tips

Haworthia Care

How Haworthia Plant Leaf Propagation Is Possible? Succulents Care and Propagation Tips for Beginners: Let’s start! There is a proper way to take a leaf of Haworthia succulent plant or Cymbiformis var Obtusa. How to take 3 leaves of Haworthia succulent properly. First, remove the side of the leaf with a knife then slowly peel … Read more

Croton Plant Care 5 Tips How to keep your succulents happy

Succulents and Croton Plants Care

Easy Tips of Croton Plant Care: There are many different types and variegated croton plant varieties. Here I tell you briefly about croton plant care. Croton plant soil and, when to water a croton. Croton plant is an indoor houseplant; It’s also called succulent or succulent plant. Croton is a tropical area plant, which like … Read more

Easy Succulents And Cactus Care tips How to Repot a Plant

Repot a Plant - Succulents Care - Cactus Care

How to Repot a Plant – Succulents care – Cactus Care Guide Here are answers to some questions that people had about repot a plant. I got a request to write about, how to repot a plant, when should you repot a plant. Should I repot a plant after buying it? So I figured I’d … Read more

Jasmine Plant and Betel Leaf Plant Growth and Advance Care

Indoor Jasmine Plant Care

Jasmine Plant Care and flower blooming I have two indoor Jasmine plants, they give flowers for the whole season means the whole year. Jasmine Plants gave flowers for a minimum of five times. But for this, you have to do some work on the jasmine plants. Today I am going to tell you about those … Read more

How to propagate Snake Plant & ZZ Plant 3 Easy Steps

snake plant and zz plant propagation

Water propagation of Snake Plant: Hi Guys! Welcome back on my Succulents blog… Today I’m going to share the water propagation of the Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata) and ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) Also call as Zanzibar Gem. The first step is leaf selection choose a healthy leaf and not the one that is wrinkling and … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Garden Plants

BG Regale Plants

Hi, Guys welcome back to our succulent Plants blog. Today we’re going to discuss the top ten most expensive plants that I’ve ever seen. Really, really…! Expensive as in the price really shocked me. So let’s see what are these plants that I’m talking about. Let’s get started! NO.10. Rubber Tree The rubber tree is … Read more

Structure and functions of plant cell

plant cell

What is Cell Wall of Plant Cell: The outermost boundary in the plant cell is cell wall. It is secreted by the protoplasm of the cell but itself cell wall is not a living structure. Its thickness varies in different cells of the plant. Structure and chemical composition of plant cell: It is composed of … Read more

5 Awsome Tips for growing healthy succulents

How to Make Succulent Plants Healthy 5 Simple Tips for Developing healthy Succulents. You’ve seen them in inside plan magazines, as a major aspect of expand wedding highlights, and even all over Instagram and Facebook. Healthy Succulents are extremely popular at the present time. The oft-rambled declaration that healthy succulents are anything but difficult to … Read more